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The Declaration of Protective Covenants establishes the basic authority for maintaining the quality of design within the Community. The guidelines allow the Architectural Control Committee (also known as the Architectural Review Committee) to adopt architectural control standards subject to the confirmation of the Board. The covenants define the general scope and nature of the ACC’s responsibility in dealing with specific situations and request.

The accompanying guidelines have been adopted by the Board to assist homeowners in submitting their application, requesting any exterior alterations, additions or improvements to their home and property.


A. The role of the Association, of which each resident is a member, is not only to own and maintain the common areas, but also to protect everyone’s investment while promoting harmony and shared interests throughout the community.

B. Architectural Control Committee (ACC). The ACC performs its task of ensuring and maintaining aesthetic quality of the exterior appearance of properties by establishing and monitoring the architectural review process, and conducting periodic inspections of properties. The ACC ensures that proposed exterior alterations adhere to the objectives set forth in the Covenant. This involves regular systematic review of all applications for exterior alterations submitted by residents.

C. Board of Directors. The Board reviews all appeals to ensure that the ACC followed proper application review procedures, ensures the parties concerned were afforded a fair decision, and confirms that the decision rendered has a rational basis.

D. Association Manager. The Association Manager has primary and day-to-day responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the homeowners association.


A. The Declaration of Protective Covenants generally defines those items requiring approval of the ACC.

B. The Declaration of Protective Covenants mandates that any alterations, additions or improvements, whether permanent or temporary, to the exterior appearance of one’s property requires prior written approval of the ACC, and full compliance with guidelines. All applications are reviewed on an individual basis.

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The Covenants allow the Architectural Review Committee up to thirty (30) days to review your request. A letter of approval will typically be sent to you in the mail.

Article VI, Section 1 Architectural Standards states, No exterior construction, alteration or addition of any improvements of any nature whatsoever (including, without limitation, staking, clearing, excavation, grading, filling, construction of impervious surface, building, exterior alteration of existing improvements change in the exterior color of any existing improvement and planting and removal of landscaping materials), shall be commenced or placed upon any part of the Community unless installed by the Declarant or an affiliate of the Declarant, approved in accordance with this Article, or otherwise expressly permitted under this Declaration. Any Owner may remodel, paint or redecorate the interior of structures on the Lot without approval hereunder. However modifications to the interior of porches, patios and similar portions of a structure visible from outside the Lot shall be subject to approval. No approval shall be required to repaint the exterior of a structure in accordance with the originally approved color scheme or to rebuild in accordance with originally approved plans and specifications. This Article shall not apply to the activities of the Declarant, affiliates of the Declarant, any builders approved by the Declarant nor to improvements to the Common Property by or on behalf of the Association. This Article may not be amended without the written consent of the Declarant until each Lot has been improved with a dwelling for which a certificate of occupancy has been issued.

Please provide a detailed description of your request, a description of materials to be used along with a site plan showing the dimensions and size of your modification.

If work begins or completed prior to seeking ARC approval a fine may be imposed.

Please Check All That Apply

Any major modification to landscaping that requires earthmoving with motorizedequipment ( i.e., Bobcat, backhoe, etc. ) will require approval.

A site plan will be required showing location. It would be advisable for this to be shown on the lot survey if possible.

ARC form required for painting exterior, please note color name (if repainting same color, do not write SAME), and area, trim, main, shutters, etc.

Approval is required for changing of roof color or style. If an area is large enough that the shingles do not match the existing shingles, then consideration should be given to replacing the section.

Please describe in the area below.

Type the details of your request in the space below and click on the submit button. The more information that you supply, the less likely we are to contact you for additional information further delaying your plans. Faxing or mailing instructions will be displayed once you submit this form.

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I understand submission and/or approval of an ARC Request is not approval for placement of an advertisement sign. I also understand signs are not permitted and any placement of one will result in an automatic $50.00 fine from the Association, which is not subject to the normal inspection process. Please initial below that you understand these terms.

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